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Why is Methamphetamine Addiction so Hard?

Methamphetamine addiction involves the brain’s pleasure chemicals: dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine delivers feelings of pleasure and reward. Normally dopamine is used by the body to motivate and reward you for doing positive things. But methamphetamine addiction hijacks this mechanism. Meth significantly raises the brain’s dopamine levels creating a euphoric rush. Meth addiction raises levels of serotonin too. Among other things, serotonin regulates mood, focus and appetite. When meth wears off, your brain is extra low on both dopamine and serotonin. This creates powerful depression and anxiety. That starts a cycle of craving. The brain desperately wants to feel good, or even normal again and the quickest way to do that seems to be more meth. This is the addiction cycle we need to break.

How Can Meth Addiction Rehab Help?

Ending the cycle of methamphetamine addiction requires more than just putting down the drug. Just putting down the drug is hard enough all by itself. If a person wants to stay drug-free they need to get through the first several weeks of meth withdrawal symptoms without picking up. That is just the start though. After that, the key to putting substantial clean time together is building a personal system of recovery. Each person needs to find what works best for them. But this isn’t something anybody should try to do alone. There is no good reason to try and quit meth by yourself. The best meth addiction rehab programs can make this difficult process so much easier. More important than that, meth addiction treatment near me will greatly improve your chances of staying off drugs for the long haul. That’s the most important part. Recovery is hard work. Quitting meth is hard work. So why would you want to have to do it more than once? It’s worth going all-in and getting it done right.

Some of the Ways Meth Addiction Rehab Can Help You

Bear in mind, we’re only scratching the surface here. It would take much more than an 800-word article to really explain how meth addiction rehab completely transforms lives. But trust us, it does. We have seen the miracle of recovery happen for many people just like you and the people you love. Here are just a few of the ways rehab for crystal meth addiction can help:

  1. Providing a safe, secure place to get through the withdrawals and cravings.
  2. Making sure you get enough rest and nutritious food.
  3. Getting a psychiatric evaluation to identify and treat any symptoms, like depression and anxiety.
  4. Teaching you about addiction so you understand common pitfalls and triggers.
  5. Helping you learn more about yourself so you can love yourself and grow.
  6. Introducing you to recovery and habits and practices which will help you stay drug-free for the long term.

Life After Methamphetamine Addiction

You can recover from methamphetamine addiction. Millions of people just like you or your loved one have. It is a challenge to be sure, but the secret is you don’t have to do it alone. If you want to know how to overcome meth addiction, that’s the first thing you should know. You are not alone. So, let go of the idea that getting off of meth is impossible and you can’t do it. That’s nonsense. The reason it seems impossible to you now is that you’re imagining you have to take it all on by yourself and there’s nothing anyone can really do to help. That is a lie we tell ourselves. Start by calling that lie what it is. If you can make room for even the smallest amount of hope in your mind, that’s a start. The fact you are reading these words means you’ve already done it. A person who had no hope that they or their loved one could recovery from methamphetamine addiction wouldn’t have even bothered to read these words. That means you know there is help out there and a reason to have hope!  The truth is if you allow yourself the help you need, at least a month in a solid meth addiction rehab, then your chances are better than most. Take the hand that’s been offered to you. Life after addiction is amazing if you invest in recovery. The key is understanding that recovery is a lifestyle. If you give your recovery after treatment even half the effort you gave pursuing meth, you will be amazed at where you are in a year. So pick up the phone and give us a call at (704) 741-0771 and we’ll take that first step together.

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