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Our facility is staffed with an incredible team of professionals working together to help shape a better future for our patients. Our entire staff, from the behavioral health technicians to clinical staff to upper management and ownership, is carefully and meticulously selected and rigorously trained to truly provide an environment of care, compassion and well-being for our patients.

David Farache

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

David has a background in Business Administration with emphasis in behavioral health care. His personal experience with addiction coupled with his leadership, operational know-how and compassion brings a unique style of management and delivers results to the facilities he operates.

David founded MAT’s sister facility Recovery In Tune in 2015 and Harmony Recovery Group thereafter, capitalizing on his dream to provide high-quality care to those suffering from the disease of addiction to communities across the country that desperately need these services. In his constant pursuit of providing nothing less than excellence in patient care, his leadership delivers hard work, dedication and constant involvement from all of the staff members at the facilities he operates.

Cecilia Plavnick, LMHC, CAP

Co-Founder / Chief Clinical Officer

Two words describe Cecilia: dedicated and passionate, especially when it comes to her work in the field of addiction treatment. Cecilia has extensive experience and knowledge, which she brings to her role as CCO at MAT. She has dedicated more than ten years to establishing successful substance abuse programs and managing top-notch clinical teams and is regarded as a natural leader and role model by her staff, peers and patients.

What sets Cecilia apart from the rest is both her ability to create an environment that is optimal for successful clinical interventions as well as her ability to inspire trust, dedication and continual growth among her team. Cecilia’s approach is unique because she isn’t afraid to jump in directly at all levels of care–from the admission process the discharge procedure–because she is a firm believer that good clinical care is an ongoing process that requires daily tweaking and maintenance. Cecilia is dedicated to her profession and to the individuals with whom she works and serves. She is always open to feedback and suggestions from staff as well as patients in order to continue growing, expanding and improving services.

Cecilia believes that a patient-centered approach in which an individual’s needs are constantly being met is essential to his or her success.

William Nevadomski

Co-Founder / Director of Business Development

After a long battle with addiction to opiates and prescription drugs during his teenage years and early 20s, William went through state-funded treatment programs. After two episodes of treatment, he started living a clean life in February 2014, helped by the NA community and his desire and willingness to follow a program and change his life.

William began working in the treatment field as a house manager for a sober living home. This allowed him to start to fulfill what he sees as his destiny, helping others in any way he could through their struggles that he went through himself and overcame. His journey continued, and through his compassion, ethical standards and care for the needy, he evolved in the field and earned the opportunity to grow through a position in the admissions department at White Sands Treatment Center. He maintained this position for over a year.

Another opportunity came his way when Delphi Health Group offered him a position in the admissions department, which he took and evolved in for over a year, after which he joined the team at MAT’s sister-facility Recovery In Tune in Florida. After working in the admissions department for Recovery In Tune for over a year, William transitioned to the Harmony Recovery Group team as Director of Business Development and Co-Founded Midwood Addiction Treatment. William has become a vital part of the program, using his personal and professional experience and knowledge to help and guide those in the program and educate the community about the program.

Dr. Jill Thompson, MD

Medical Director

Bio Coming Soon

Jim Brown, MA, LCAS, LPC

Director of Clinical Services

Jim Brown began his career in substance abuse treatment in 1997 at Charter Pines Behavioral Healthcare System and has been in Addiction Administration since 2005. Jim brings a broad range of experience in inpatient, outpatient, extended treatment and Medication Assisted Treatment services.

He has been licensed by the North Carolina Substance Abuse Professional Practice Board since 2009 and the North Carolina Board of Licensed Professional Counselors since 1999. He hold a BA and MA from the University of North Carolina University at Charlotte.

Jim joined Harmony Recovery in August 2019. Jim is in long term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, is a proponent of 12 Step programs, but recognizes there can be more than one road to recovery.

Bryan Cottrell

Director of Operations

Originally from Connecticut, Bryan moved to Florida in 2014 seeking help in overcoming his personal struggle with addiction. Through his own recovery he developed the desire to help others overcome addiction. Bryan made the decision to leave his job of 15 years and permanently relocate to Florida so that he could enter the behavioral health services field.

In 2015, Bryan joined Recovery In Tune (our sister facility) as a behavioral health technician. He quickly developed strong personal relationships with the clients through support and guidance. In 2017, he was promoted to BHT supervisor and then to Director of Operations in early 2018. He was re-located to Charlotte, NC in late 2018 in order to head the daily operations of Midwood Addiction Treatment. Bryan has completed multiple substance abuse certifications and is a Certified Recovery Support Specialist (CRSS) and Certified Recovery Residence Administrator (CRRA).

As Director of Operations, Bryan maintains the professional and effective day-to-day operations at Midwood Addiction Treatment from both a clinical and housing perspective, working with every department within the facility to ensure proper policies and procedures are being followed and that client care is carried out true to the vision of the company.

Bryan also works directly with clients to identify, prioritize and address their individual needs. Through this process, clients are offered encouragement and personal support as they develop healthy habits, productive daily schedules and self-confidence.

Nicholas Rubino

Business Development

Nick was born and raised in Torrington, Connecticut. After struggling with his own addiction for years, he decided to take a leap of faith and attended inpatient treatment. Nick flourished in the recovery community and has been sober since 2013, while working his way up in the marketing department of multiple reputable treatment centers.

Nick’s primary mission is to spread awareness to the people in the community and abroad, that there is hope for the still sick and suffering addict or alcoholic and their families.

Shawn Robinson, LPN

Primary Nurse

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Evan Miller MA, LCAS-A, LPC-A

Primary Therapist

Evan Miller is a Licensed Professional Addictions Specialist Associate in the state of North Carolina. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Counseling from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. His prior clinical experiences consist Charlotte Mecklenburg County Jail, Path of Hope Treatment Center, and SABER Treatment Center.

As an associate-licensed clinician, he emphasizes the importance of building trust with clients, maintaining a multicultural lens, and fostering relational consistency. His theoretical orientation consists of person-centered, CBT, and aspects of Narrative and Gestalt. This eclectic approach allows him to provide a safe environment for clients to begin the process of exploring difficult thoughts, feelings, and emotions. By exploring these aspects, clients are able to experience and practice emotional regulation in the moment, ultimately slowing down the processes associated with low self-esteem, impulsivity, and internalized shame.

Kelly Rupinski

Case Manager / Intake Coordinator

Kelly Rupinski has a passion for helping the struggling alcoholic and addict. Kelly has over 5 years experience in the substance abuse treatment field. Kelly started working as an Alumni Coordinator in 2013, bridging the gap between completing treatment and maintaining recovery.  Over the years Kelly has worked in several aspects of treatment from Behavioral Health Technician, Office Manager, and presently as Case Manager/Intake Coordinator.

Kelly loves being able to welcome the client into our facility from the moment they walk through the doors and assist them through the intake process. As part of case management Kelly takes the role of handling any employment, legal, or outside issues the client may have to ease the burden of the outside world, so the client can focus on recovery. 

Evie Parrott

Outreach Representative

Evie Parrott is compassionate and understanding Outreach Representative for Harmony Recovery Center. She is a Certified Peer Support Specialist who has a solid understanding of substance abuse and mental health recovery. She possesses a unique perspective, personally living in recovery and maintaining success. She has earned a full certification as not only a Peer Support Specialist but a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor and Recovery Coach. She is proactive in advocating for clients and continually facilitates open communication providing excellent capabilities working with all ages. Evie’s primary mission is just simply to help others help themselves.

Regan Renfro

Outreach Representative/Group Facilitator

Regan has served in the addiction treatment field since 2016. Beginning as a Business Development Representative out of Charlotte, N.C. for an Addiction Treatment Center with a National presence, to founding and owning a nationwide, online addiction treatment resource website in 2017. She is a certified Interventionist in the Love First Model as well as a Crisis Intervention Specialist. She serves as a Marketing Consultant for an addiction recovery app slated to launch at the end of 2019. She currently serves as an Admissions Specialist and Group Facilitator for Harmony Recovery Center and Midwood Addiction Treatment Center.

Lee Gwin CSAC

Lead Group Facilitator

Bio Coming Soon!

Daniel Joh

Property / Transport Manager

Daniel "Yoyo" Joh began his career in the substance abuse treatment industry in February of 2015. After completing his own substance abuse treatment in 2014, Dan felt a strong desire to help other addicts and give back what was given to him. After becoming grounded in his own recovery, he entered the field of substance abuse treatment as a behavioral health technician. Given his passion for his personal recovery and dedication to helping others, Dan has a relatable and extremely powerful way of communicating with clients. As a result of his unique and effective ability to interact with clients, Dan was promoted to Halfway Coordinator and Client Specialist. In addition, Dan managed all scheduling, transportation, and sober living housing for a large treatment facility in South Florida. Therefore, he was often the first staff member to interact with clients upon arrival to the treatment center. After many years of experience in these particular rolls, Dan has started a new chapter in his life as Housing Manager at Midwood Addiction Treatment. Dan monitors the daily operations for the Housing Department and transportation to ensure implementation and execution of all protocol and procedures. Dan believes in the importance of providing a smooth transition for the client through building rapport and sharing his own experiences as an addict, once in treatment. Due to the versatility of Dan's position and his hands-on approach to communication with each and every client, he provides a constant and strong support for clients as they transition through each level of care provided by the Midwood Addiction Treatment team.

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