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Adventure therapy, also known as AT, is a service we offer for addiction and mental health recovery. In these therapy sessions, we have our clients do hands-on activities. These activities are outdoors in nature. With the history of adventure therapy dating back to the 1960s and the success it has helped bring for so many people, we believe this service is a great addition to our treatment program.

The primary goal of AT is to improve psychological, social and physical well-being by using the healing powers of nature. Through wilderness expeditions, experiential therapies and recreational activities, this type of therapy can help you to overcome mental health issues, behavioral problems and substance abuse.

Does this therapy sound beneficial for you? If so, reach out to us here at Midwood Addiction Treatment center in Charlotte, NC and we can enroll you in a treatment program that includes adventure therapy.

How Does Adventure Therapy Work in Recovery

Adventure therapy allows nature to evoke changes in you. It does this by using your experiences and actions with problems that you encounter. The way that you learn to solve these problems can greatly help you in recovery. Adventure therapy also helps you learn to be more cooperative with others, trust in others and create a healthier sense of fun in your recovery.

Adventure therapy is usually combined with evidence-based practices to create an excellent treatment program for those who need to recover from addiction or need to receive treatment for a mental health disorder.

After you complete the activities, you will process what happened. When doing this in the group therapy sessions, everyone will take turns internalizing what they went through and how it related to the personal goals they have in recovery.

Activities You Can Partake in During Adventure Therapy Sessions

There are different activities that you may be a part of when you are attending adventure therapy sessions. The activities may change based on the seasons or the treatment plan that you have. However, some common activities that are in adventure therapy programs include:

  • Rock climbing
  • Paddleboarding
  • Kayaking
  • Camping
  • Water rafting
  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Canoeing

Doing group activities, such as canoeing or kayaking, can encourage our clients to work together. When you work by yourself on adventure therapy activities, such as rock climbing, you can learn to stand on your own and be in control of the situation.

Different Types of Adventure Therapy

When you enter into a treatment program here at Midwood, the services you receive will be unique to your recovery needs. If you have adventure therapy as part of your treatment plan, the types of therapies you receive of this type may vary from others, too. Some types of adventure therapy that our clients often take part in include:

  • Aquatic therapy (pool therapy helps with healing pain – mostly physical)
  • Wilderness therapy (uses landscapes to help with the emotional healing process)
  • Exercise therapy (allows you to feel happiness and pleasure why reducing physical pain, anxiety, and depression)

These are some of the various types of adventure therapy that you could have in your treatment plan.

Get Into Adventure Therapy When You Enroll in a Treatment Program Today

Do you need to find healthy ways to have adventures now that you are embarking on a journey into recovery? If so, contact us today here at Midwood Addiction Treatment and we will help you to do this. Adventure therapy could be just what you need.

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