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Midwood’s Mental Health IOP in Charlotte NC is a specialized program designed for individuals who have a primary mental health or psychiatric condition that may or may not be co-occurring with substance abuse. If outpatient counseling has not delivered the results you need, our MH-IOP may be able to help. If you have a co-occurring substance use disorder, Midwood Addiction Treatment is well-equipped to help you there as well. As a member of the Harmony Recovery Group family, we apply evidence-based treatment that consistently delivers results.

If you need mental health treatment in NC, you don’t have to settle for seeing a therapist once a week or less. For many people, a more intensive standard of care is necessary to make the desired progress. It has been said there is no such thing as ‘too much help’ for an issue. In the case of mental health treatment in NC, more is usually better. Clients at our Mental Health IOP in Charlotte NC have the option to reside at our recovery accommodations at Houses of Harmony.

Mental Health IOP in Charlotte NC

Midwood’s Mental Health IOP in Charlotte NC is great alternative to conventional mental health care. Many clients begin in our Mental Health PHP program and progress to the Mental Health IOP level when they are ready. Others may begin their mental health care at this level. Our program is designed to adapt to your needs.

People with mental illnesses sometimes find progress hard to achieve when they are receiving counseling only once a week or less on an outpatient basis. If you want to get the upper hand on depression, anxiety or PTSD, Midwood can help.  

Our specialized treatment model offers daytime treatment several days a week with safe and comfortable recovery housing nearby. Many clients find this arrangement convenient as it offers much more support than outpatient mental health treatment while allowing freedom and flexibility. Our evidence-based care is just one of the ways Midwood has become known as the best Mental Health IOP in Charlotte NC. Midwood Addiction Treatment’s science informed model is designed to meet the needs of those with mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and PTSD wherever they may be in their journey.  

Is Mental Health IOP in Charlotte NC is Right for Me?

You decide what level of treatment to begin with. At Midwood, we believe the patient should be at the heart of every decision about their care. But we do like to remind people that there is no such thing as too much help for a problem. There is only ‘not enough’. So if you’re having trouble reaching your goals with outpatient counseling, Midwood’s Mental Health IOP in Charlotte NC might be just what it takes to attain the progress you need and deserve. All it takes is a phone call to (704) 741-0771 to find out more.  

Some questions to ask to help you make an informed decision about entering a Mental Health IOP in Charlotte NC:

  • Has outpatient therapy been unable to give you the breakthroughs and progress you want?
  • Do you feel like your mental health progress has stalled or plateaued recently?
  • Have you been in therapy for a year or more without much change in how you feel?
  • Are you still having symptoms of depression or anxiety despite counseling?

Did you answer ‘yes’ to one or more of the above?  Then, Midwood’s IOP mental health care might be a great fit for you!

Who is Midwood’s Mental Health IOP in Charlotte NC For?

Still unsure of where you or your loved one might fit in? Here is some further information to consider. These are the requirements that clients wishing to attend our Mental Health IOP in Charlotte NC should meet. If you’re still not certain, feel free to give us a call at (704) 741-0771 and we’ll be happy to provide guidance.

Our mental health IOP is great for:

  • Patients who do not need to be in a 24/7 medically supervised or detox environment
  • Patients whose mental health condition may be contributing to a co-occurring disorder such as Substance Abuse
  • Patients who have completed a Residential or Partial Hospitalization (PHP) mental health program
  • Patients who have not been able to control and manage their mental health conditions through an unsupervised setting
  • Patients who suffering from challenging mental health conditions that make it difficult to cope with daily living situations

Services Offered at Midwood’s Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program

As a member of the trusted Harmony Recovery Group family of programs, Midwood is dedicated to the evidence-based model of care. Here are just a few of the aspects of our Mental Health PHP in Charlotte NC which are proven to deliver positive outcomes:

  • Family Dynamics
  • Case Management
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Grief/Loss Counseling
  • Motivational Training
  • 12 Step and Spiritual Groups
  • Psycho-Educational Groups
  • Family Counseling as needed
  • Morning Group Therapy (9AM-12PM)
  • Legal Case / Court / Probation Assistance
  • Employment/Educational Support Systems
  • Health and Medical Assistance / On-Staff Nurse
  • Individual Counseling sessions on a weekly basis
  • Nutrition; Healthy Habits, ADL Skills and Self-Care
  • Substance Abuse Education and Relapse-Prevention Skills
  • Psychiatric and Medical Services as needed through consultation or referral
  • Special focus on trauma healing, depression and mood disorder stabilization
  • Anger Management; Problem-Solving, Decision-Making and Communication Skills

Art Therapy; Music Therapy, Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation

Make Progress in Our Mental Health IOP in Charlotte NC

Wherever you are in your journey toward mental health care in NC, Midwood can help. We help people learn to manage their mental illnesses to live happy, productive lives. Our Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program is an ideal follow up to Mental Health PHP or residential treatment. Midwood’s evidence-based mental health treatment is focused on results. All that’s needed to make your start is a phone call. We will be happy to answer your questions and verify health insurance benefits for you while you wait. Pick up the phone and give us a call now and we’ll get started together.

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