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Recovery is something that is meant to last for the rest of your life. Yes, some people do relapse. However, when you receive professional treatment for an addiction or mental health disorder, you have a greater chance of preventing a relapse. Everyone is unique and needs an individualized treatment plan. With this being said, there are certain treatments that have been beneficial for those in recovery. 12 step facilitation therapy is one of the treatments that could help you. 

If you are interested in attending these types of therapy sessions, reach out to us here at Midwood Addiction Treatment in Charlotte, NC. We can get you started with 12 step facilitation therapy and other treatments, too.

Defining 12 Step Facilitation Therapy

Here at our addiction and mental health disorder treatment center, we help all our clients throughout their treatment process. From the time you call us or come into the center initially to the time you leave our program and even after, we will support you and help you in any way we can.

One service we offer is 12 step facilitation therapy. This therapy is evidence-based and has been effective in helping people to abstain from substance use. It has also helped our clients to manage and treat mental health disorders.

Benefits You Could Gain from Attending 12 Step Facilitation Therapy Sessions

Whenever you attend any therapy sessions provided by our treatment center, you will be informed of how they can benefit you. With 12 step facilitation therapy sessions, some benefits you might receive include:

  • Learning what the 12 steps are and how they can play a significant role in your recovery
  • Get active support while you are learning how to implement the 12 steps into your life
  • Discussing your personal experiences and recovery goals during 12 step support groups
  • Reducing anxiety and other negative feelings 
  • Having an environment that helps you work through addiction-related issues and create a better recovery for yourself now and later on, too

The benefits of 12 step facilitation therapy can be noticeable almost from the start. For some people, it does take a bit longer to experience these benefits. However, if you stick with your 12 step facilitation therapy sessions, you can start reaping the benefits very soon. 

Benefits of Going to 12 Step Meetings After the Treatment Program

You will learn about the 12 steps and how they can positively impact you during the 12 step facilitation therapy sessions. However, when you leave our treatment program it is up to you whether you are going to continue attending 12 step meetings. Some benefits of doing so could include:

  • Having structure in your recovery
  • Holding yourself accountable to staying in recovery
  • Having a safe place to talk about recovery obstacles 
  • Being able to talk to others about goals you reached while in recovery
  • Getting support when you need it

These benefits are well worth attending the 12 step meetings after you leave the treatment program.

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Do you have an addiction or are you needing help to gain control of your life after being diagnosed with a mental health disorder? If so, we want to help you. One of the treatments we have that can benefit you is 12 step facilitation therapy.

Contact us today here at Midwood Addiction Treatment and we can enroll you in 12 step treatments.

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