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At Midwood Addiction Treatment, we offer a multitude of different Addiction Treatment Programs in Charlotte that are able to help treat those struggling with addictions to some of the most dangerous substances. 

From our experience, we know that not everyone who comes through our doors is going to fit into one type of addiction treatment program, which is why we have many different ones to choose from. Through proper assessments and evaluations, we can help you decide which program/programs are best for you as you move forward on your journey towards recovery.

Our Addiction Treatment Programs in Charlotte

At Midwood Addiction Treatment, we see people every day who make the decision to stop using and start living. As a team of professionals who value evidence-based treatment combined with a compassionate approach, we know that if you reach out to us, we can help you. You do not have to continue to abuse drugs and/or alcohol any longer, rather uncover new ways of life that support your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Do not let one more day go by where you abuse drugs and/or alcohol. Letting go of active addiction, coping with the underlying issues of your abuse, and developing new skills to keep you in recovery can make all the difference. The only thing you need to bring is the determination to make your addiction a thing of the past once and for all.

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