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If you do not have drug and alcohol insurance coverage it can make it difficult for many families to receive treatment. Many wonder what to do if they lack coverage, and it quickly becomes a tough question a lot of families face without a clear-cut answer.. Even if you are not insured there are ways to financially afford to finance the treatment your loved one needs in support of their recovery. We would like to share with you some of the various options that are available to you.

Which Different Types of Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs Best Supports Your Recovery?

There are different drug and alcohol rehab treatment programs. It’s important to determine which ones are available that will best support your recovery first, which is of the utmost importance. After determining which type of rehab treatment best supports your recovery you will then want to determine the cost. 

Details are important and make a difference in cost, for example, do you need inpatient or outpatient drug and alcohol rehab treatment? Living in the treatment facility for the duration of your treatment would be considered inpatient. In contrast, the outpatient treatment would allow you to go home after the treatment is over during the day. If you do have insurance, choosing the treatment option with an addiction recovery specialist will help significantly improve your chances of getting the one you need. 

Are There Free Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs Options Available?

State-funded rehab facilities for drug and alcohol abuse are a feasible option to pursue if you find yourself having little to no insurance and very limited resources available. State-funded, as well as local- rehab centers, are tax dollar-funded which equates to the government providing money to fund the programs for those who cannot afford treatment. Many state-funded and local and programs get funding with federal grants, state budgets and Medicaid reimbursements.. However, it’s important to note that the funding source varies by state.

Which explains why most state-funded options that include locally-funded programs have strict qualification requirements. Upon applying to these programs, you may be asked questions pertaining to your income, lack of insurance, U.S. citizenship, including the residency in the state in which you are seeking treatment

To begin this process, you can get in touch with our Midwood Addiction Treatment Center today.

Ways to Pay for Rehab With No Insurance

There are other ways you can get the help and support you need if you happen to have no insurance for inpatient or outpatient rehab, even if free rehab treatment isn’t available to you. Take a look at some of these options, which will also be beneficial if you currently have no money or are unable to afford to fund your own addiction rehabilitation treatment:

  • Financing
  • Subsidized coverage
  • Grants and scholarships
  • Sliding scale
  • Fundraising
  • Friends and family

If you don’t have insurance, reach out to us today to find out how to get your treatment covered. 

Financing Options 

Financing is almost always the best option for those who don’t have the money upfront or the ability to save and pay out-of-pocket on treatment bills, yet need immediate treatment. 

Financing can help because it allows you to get the money you need upfront. Then, you can send it directly to the rehab program or the loan company can do that for you. With this option, you can get a repayment plan that works well within your budget, so you don’t have another struggle to deal with.

Grants and Scholarships Opportunities

There are scholarships and grants that are potentially available to you. 

The SAMHSA has grant funds available to those who need them. There are application requirements on their website, which you must see if you qualify for in order to receive their grant. The grants are non-competitive and help cover your drug or alcohol addiction rehab treatment.

In addition, you can use Google and other search engines to search keywords and phrases including “local rehab facility scholarships,” “alcohol and drug rehab grants” and “scholarships to pay for substance abuse rehabilitation.” The searches may bring you to organizations that have available funding. That way, you can get the assistance you need in your efforts at improving your personal health and overcoming addiction.

It will take time and effort to look for scholarships and grants. However, receiving the funding you need would then be the opportunity to pursue your sobriety which would well be worth it.

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Subsidized Coverage Options

Many people with lower incomes can’t afford health insurance which causes an additional barrier when they are trying to recover from addiction. Subsidized coverage offers treatment coverage and lowers premiums to those with low income who need addiction treatment

With the enactment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010, affordable health insurance has become available to more people. As of 2014, most health insurance plans are required to cover substance abuse and other mental health services.

Fundraising Possibilities 

If the above options aren’t available to you, there is always fundraising. You can try to sell your personal items and ask people for cash donations.

When dealing with your physical and mental health, achieving and maintaining sobriety is truly important. To raise money for your rehab treatment, consider having a yard sale for smaller items and try selling your more expensive items online such as on Craigslist, eBay or OfferUp.

If you are going to ask people for cash donations, you may want to think about making a crowdfunding account. You can use GoFundMe or IndieGoGo.

Sliding Scale Options Potentially Available

Understandably, it can be hard to finance your recovery and many addiction treatment programs are willing to offer a sliding scale so more people have access to treatment. They are happy to work with you and help create a personalized plan in repayment based on what you can afford, using your income and overall financial status.

Friends and Family Support

You might not want to ask family and friends to borrow money to finance your addiction treatment. But, they may want to help you make this change in your life. You can send emails to your loved ones explaining your situation. Let them know what made you want to get treatment. You might be surprised by the support you receive.

Get Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Today

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